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Capital Phnom Penh :


is the only Capital which has been found since the 14 centuries during the king ponhnea Yat that he left Angkor wat Capital after the winning of Siam soldiers has been killed buy khmer soldiers, phnom Penh has been name after the old lady called Penh who found the four Buddha statues and one statue of Preah Angchao  inside the tree which floated along the River of Mekong since 1372 then she took all of them to keep on the top of the higher that built by local calling from Madam Penh , Today call Wat Phnom , then the city named after . Later on phnom penh has been abandoned again until 1886 King Norodom moved from Udong by the protect oration from Napolion King of France.

Phnom Penh start building up again with all French colonial building dozen of them including the Royal Palace, Unfortunately in 1970 the War started and continue the controlling by dictatorship Pol Pot ( 1975-1979) regime , they destroyed everything such as schools, hospitals, Pagodas, Doctors, teachers, children and millions of People has been forced to live in the fields for cultivations, digging canals, for farming the rice for supporting their needing. it is the regime of terror for Cambodian people who have never been met before.  Although the war ended up with the revolution against Pol Pot Cambodia has been not yet stopped, it was going until 1991 , the peace agreements created in Paris on 23 October 1991 with the supporting from UN and bring the election in 1993. the second kingdom came back after losing for more than 20 years .

Cambodia got peace only 50% because Pol Pot still staying in the Jungle until he died in 1998 by heart attack, and all his loyalist decided to lay down their weapon and join the Royal Cambodian Arm Force so the country has united so far.

From 1998 until today Cambodia, Cambodia always practices the Democracy by holding the election every 5 years for choosing the parliament and government with the eying from international community such as united nation.

So conclusion : Phnom Penh is the only Political , Cultural, Business, Education and Economic center which bring a lot of attraction to the world for investments from different form of doers and businesses.

For tourism is the most impressive to for tourist who came here and decide to visit such as :

  • Royal Palace and Silver pagoda : where the place for king lives and practicing all kind of royal ceremonial , such as Khmer New Year, king and queen birthday, welcoming all foreign delegations , The silver pagodas which has been coved with 5329 silver tiles as the floor , 90kg of gold Buddha and adorning of 2086 diamonds and the place for religious practice of every special day of Buddhism in ¼ of full moon or full moon and others

  • National Museum : which has been built since 1917 by French and now contains more than 5000 pieces of pre –Angkor , Angkor, and Post Angkor Period statues that mad from stone, woods, ceramics ,and bronze , Most of them related to the substantial used and religious things such as Buddha, Hinduism and so on.

  • Wat Phnom :


it is the Buddhist center for local people who believe in Buddhism and spirit connection and come for praying to get better life and business, this place is the manmade hill since 14 and 15 centuries by Madam penh and King Ponhnea Yat , but the temple just nearly 100 years old.

  • Toul Sleng Museum Or S-21 ( The Prison found by khmer Rough 196 sites ) : it was the Second and High school before 17 April 1975 ,but when khmer Rough came to the city of Phnom Penh it turned it to the Prison for imprison and torturing all kinds of prisoner who had been arrested from around the country that have been accused as the enemy of the government or Angkar to the CIA, KGB or others in order to kill , More than 10.000 victims who passed though. this place now is considered as the researched place for new generation for genocide.

  • Killing Field : the only site among 388 killing sites with total 19 733 mass graves , which located southwest of phnom penh 15 km at choeung Ek .

All victims from the S-21 in phnom penh and S-25 brought to kill there after they confessed as CIA and GKB which seriously torturing from the security guards from prison in phnom penh of toul sleng.

  • Sunset Cruise on Tonle Sap and Mekong river : it is very impressive of cruising on the Tonle Sap and Mekong River in front of the Capital of phnom penh that you can see the beautiful sunset from the river and beauty of phnom penh when the sun setting down or you can have diner cruising as well.

  • Shopping :  there are two places for you to explore with spending time one or two hours , Central Market or Psa Thmey is located in the center of city with yellow color building from French colonial style , four wings designing , this market you can find all kind of things such as , handcrafts, clothes, secondhand things, foods electronic things and others. Russian Market or Psa Toul Tompoung , it sounds very interesting name , you also can find what the central market have ,but moreover  it has moore handcrafts or other interesting , it takes around 15 mn from central market too.

  • Tour Around Phnom Phnom Penh :


  • Udong Mountain : it is the only closest mountain trek around 40 km from the city , this place is the old capital from 17 centuries , now on top there are many beautiful stupa of the former king and thrine to the Buddha which is new built from 2002 by the former king Norodom Sihanouk. Nearby Udong you also can take oxcart ride for experience life during the time of traveling within Cambodia or on the way back can visit the

  • Visiting Koh Oukna Tey : for haft day tour you can take the ferry to the island of oukna Tey to see the weaving village of silk or Cycling on the Island to realize the people of khmer traditional house and living style on the Mekong river.

  • day trip to : Takeo Province , on this trip you will see the old day of khmer from 6 centuries temple of Phnom Da, Phnom Chiso built in 11 centuries on the top of mountain with 412 steps to walk up , Taphrom Tonle batie temple built from late 12 and early 13 centuries during king Jayavaraman 7./ car and boat trip to get there with beautiful rice field landscape.

Siem Reap Angkor Wat : 


Siem reap was name after the siam soldier have defeated by Cambodian king since 15 centuries , this city found since 9-15 centuries as the capital of the kingdom of khmer Empire that built hundreds of temple from 9-13 centuries for God Hindu and lord Buddha by different king who believe such as famous temple Angkor Wat and and Angkor Thom . This city used to be the biggest one in the world from 800 hundred ago which got at least one millions people who live there ,but unfortunately this capital has abandoned  by the war with Siam. Now Siem reap is becoming the most popular place for all kind of tourist to visit there since 1993 after Cambodia changed it leading from communism to democracy, today people of siem reap people can earn more income through tourism field who visit all temple from our famous kings built. there are one millions people who live in this province today. Beside tourism this city can earn their living from farming rice , fishing because the great lake of Tonle sap ( the largest lake in Asia ). and from siem reap to poipet border it takes around 2hours with good condition of road this check point you can get a visa on arrival for 30 $ and one picture.

  • Tourist Site in Siem Reap

  • Angkor Wat : the world biggest temple for religion which has been built by from 12 centuries or the home to god Vishnu or tom of that king

  • Angkor Thom : it contains very famous temple Bayon and Taphrum temple that the holy wood used for shooting the movie since years ago

  • Bantey Srey :


is the only pink sandstone temple , located about 35 km from siem reap city , on the way you also can see the very interesting local selling things such as handcrafts or Palm Sugar processing. also phnom Bakheng for sunset on top of mountain.

  • in Siem reap there are hundreds of temple such as preah Khan, kbal spean, bantey kdey, preah keo, and so on, beside that you also can visit Silk farm , Land mind Museum, Squadbike, horse cart riding, Elephant ride, cycling, balloon flight.

  • Boat trip to the lake of Tonle Sap and viewing the people who live on the lake also can see the crocodile farm.

  • Shopping : there are old market and night market are located nearby each other which sell lot and lot of thing for souvenir like silk, handcraft, jewelries , stone carving and other.

Battambang Province :


it is the second largest province in Cambodia this province used to be controlled by Thailand for years and took it back when the French came to Cambodia in 1907 , this province is the only in Cambodia which still have a lot of French colonial building standing as the beauty one for local and foreign tourist who Cambodia for visiting and they are always admired this city as the sample province that is more cleaner than other in Cambodia. people who live that there can speak two languages because they closer to the border of Thailand and easy for business cooperation ot the two nations , it takes more than an hours to get to poipet too. it si the commercial city for the southwest part of Cambodia. Batambang has more than one million people are living there at the moment , most of them are farmers ( rice producing two or three crops a year) and family commercial. Battambang gets  very beautiful river of Sangker which is connected to the Lake of Tonle Sap so during the raining season boat trip can navigate through the lake from this province to Siem reap about 6-8 hours every day. The most impressive trip is traveling through the lake between the two provinces from August to March.

People here make their living from farming rice, fishing, trading between Cambodia and Thailand. So what about tourism in this province ? yes of course it is very mighty province after road connection from everywhere in to this province.

  • Phnom Sampove :


it is about 30 minutes to get  there , this mountain is rich of thing on top of the mountain such as Buddhist temple , spirit statues , killing cave from Pol Pot regime , stupa some people , and you also can see very beautiful panoramic view and landscape to the rice field around Battambang. in the late afternoon around 17-18 PM you will see thousand of bats fly from the caves to find food , it is amazing place to watch them before coming back to the hotel.

  • Phnom Banan ( temple) : it is located 20 km from the city center will take you around 40 minutes to get there and you need to climb up to the top more than 400 steps to the top, sunset is very beautiful as too compare to the phnom sampov , but is it si the temple which buit during late 12 and eary 13 centuries by from khmer king of Jayavaraman 7

  • Wat Ek Phnom : it is about 12 km from the city , on the way you also can see some house who is making the rice paper for spring role or mushroom processing or the factories of fish past , called Prohuk . it is also the ancient temple which built from 11 centuries for dedicating for god Shiva and considering as Hindu temple , built from lateritic stone, sandstone ,today we have new pagoda as Buddhist one that built later in the 20 centuries.

  • Visiting some old wooden house for more than 100 years along the river of Steung Sanker

  • Take a lory called as Bamboo train , Shopping is not important over there, but the market building is very interesting style of French colonial.

Sihanoukville Beach holiday & Island


it is the very famous beach town from the southest part of Cambodia that takes 4 hours to get there by car , road is very good , which built by American government since 1960s and French the pier , it is also the international sea port of Cambodia, the people who live here making their living from fishing , commercial and tourism , Sihanoukville is starting well-known during 1960-1975 but after the khmer rough it started again from 1993 for local People and now after 2008 it is becoming famous from all tourists around the world know it very well.

Sihanoukville is becoming the fast attraction site for people who need beach holiday our beach do not have and shark or other dangerous jellyfish or natural disaster like earthquake . we have beaches

  • Ochertil beach :


is very famous one which all local and foreign people like to swim and laying on it  full day, very nice white sand beach

  • Otres beach : is very quiet one now is very famous for foreign tourists , very nice white sand beach

  • Hawai beach is becoming growing of local to hang around

  • Island holiday , you can go to koh Rong, Rong sonlim island, koh tas , and Bamboo island

  • Koh takiev is the island beach , you also can take boat trip for one day and hang on the very nice white sand beach

Conclusion : Sihanoukville is the only beach holiday that can bring you very nice and unforgettable journey when you are in Cambodia, beside that you can do diving to see the coral inside the sea.

Kompot and kep province :


they are nearby from each other and it does not matter where you are staying . kompot is the province that rich of French colonial building standing as the beauty town of it , and the province on locates on the southwest part of phnom penh too, it takes 3 hours to get there by car or bus , people of kompot making their living from farming, fishing and pepper plantation ,it is very famous crops to the world. in Kompot there are tourisms  such as , Cave , temple in cave , phnom Sa sier , Boat trip.

  • Phnom Bokor : it was found by former king since the French period as city on top of the mountain for church , casino , post office , king resident. today it is becoming the national park

  • Kep province :


It  is very interesting city just created in 2014 for a small one opposite the island of Rabbit , tourism is very famous to this kep city to local and foreign tourists as well even it was abandoned since 1975 until 1993 , it was very famous one to the world during 1960-1975 before the khmer rough.

  • Koh Ton Say Island : it is very beautiful island and sand beach which can take a boat for 20-30 mn to get there and hanging on the beach for full day also can see the some local restaurant over there and surrounding with fishing houses.

  • PEPPER plantation : before kep and Kom Pot is the same province but now after 2014 there separated so pepper plantation are located at kep now and less in kompot and sihanoukville. kompot today are rich of local fruits too.

Koh Kong Province :


it is the province locates about 300 km from phnom penh , it is not a big province , very close to Thailand border about 20mn drive to it , trading with Thais , also the international check point can get the visa on arrival, the Casino as well stay there . there are only popular places at the Ta Tai resort , with fishing villages around and water fall, and Chhi Pat community .

Takeo Province :


it is very old city of funan from 5-6 centuries of khmer kingdom which just got very strong influent from indian culture , religion, languages, civilizations, and administration , it locates 78 km from phnom penh and used to be the water of chenla from 7 centuries , floating almost every year, to this province there many tourists too, such as :

  • Phnom Da : when we arrive the province we need to take the small boat around 40 mn to get there with two ancient temple from 11 centuries and 6 centuries similar to the Indian style that we called Phnom Da style as the holy place for people beside others Caves from that period

  • Phnom Chiso : we have to around one hours to get there by care and going up to the top with 233 steps or 412 steps of the new staircase , it is the temple built from 11 centuries as the mountain temple to the top of mountain, it is very beautiful views from top and surrounding rice fields , locals who live there always take that place the holy site not only from the ancient time till today.

  • Tonle Batie : is the temple built from late 12 and early 13 centuries same as Angkor thom or some temple in Siem reap province by the same king called Jayavaraman 7 .

  • Tamao Zoo : the only place in Cambodia which taking care mostly the animals who confiscated from other smugglers to raise their until they were founded the original areas the animal live then the officials will send back.

Kompong Thom :


 this province is locates north part of Phnom Penh and in the middle of Cambodia , there is one river called Steung Sen crossing the middle of the city , population about 700.000 people . it is very busy province because every buses or travelers who going to Siem Reap Angkor wat need to go through this city on National raod number  6 A , from phnom penh 165 km and taking 3.30 hours by public bus , on the way there every travelers will stop at Skun ( the Siderrs Villages ) it is the very interesting place to take a break for 20 mn before goimg to kompon thom town , going by land is quite interesting because landscape along the way, mainly rice paddies  and local life style of their living and houses. kompong Thom seems very sleepy town of tourism, but this province is rich of temple from pre Angkor period too.

  • Wat Kuhak Nokor : it is a temple which buit since 11 centuries , I tmade from Sand stone and liter rite , it dedicates for Handu god shiva , it locates Baray district after skun , on the way to kompong thom.

  • Prasat Sambo Prey Kuk : these group of temple locates north of the city 34 km , there are three group of temple over there , which were built since 7 centuries with bricks, sandstone, and liter rite , they are also dedicates for Hindu too. these temple are very interesting because today stay in the middle of forests , when we go there we have to walk through the forest with about 1-1.30 h depending on you are interesting or not.

  • Phnom Santuk : is about 17 km from kompong thom province on the way from phnom penh, it has 809 steps to go up the top , it was founded since 16 centuries as the Buddha carving in to the mountain, it is becoming the very famous place for local and foreign tourist to visit there because of its view from top of mountain.


Kompong Cham :


 it  is very beautiful city locatesalong the Mekong river northern part o fphnom penh which takes 2hours to get there by car or bus , this province make it beauty because French colonial building , and Mekong river that you also can see the sunset very clearly . the city population around 50.000 people. in the city , you also can exploring by yourself with no worry , peacefull town and nice market too, but it is very local style . they sell foods, clothes, electronic and others.Kompong cham has the very interesting temple and mountain view from thousand year which temple have been built over there such as :

  • Wat Phnom Pros and Phnom Srey ( the holy twin hill) : as you know this place consider as the

Kratie Province :


 it is about 340 km north of Phnom Penh by national road number 7 crossing snoul from phnom penh,but if we travel though chlong along the Mekong river it is about 240 km and it is very beautiful too of vegetable plantation and river view of Mekong also the traditional house of khmer, French colonial building since 1920s . This province stays a long the river of Mekong with full of French colonial building left from French , now it is become the charming city too when we travel from phnom penh to other province to Ratanakiri, Mondulkiri, Stung treng or to / from Laos border . Kratie has the people around one millions today which is very potential of tourism is :

  • Wat Sor Sar muy roy ( 100 pilars) : it takes about 40 mn to get there , this temple built more than 100 years from woods,but now it renovated after the Khmer Rough 1979, it is becoming the most famous place for local and foreign tourist to visit ( Buddhist temple).

  • Wat Phnom Sambok : it takes about 20mn to get there from the city center , this hill there is a twin temple for local laymen, laywomen and Monks who live everyday there, it is very old temple to , it is very nice view from the top of mountain to the Mekong river and rice field.

  • Dophine ( Irrawady dophine ) : it takes about 30 mn to get there , it is on the Mekong river, you also can visit them by taking the local boat to and it  is very beautiful sunset too. there is only located in Cambodia , one in kratie and other near Lao border.

MondulKiri Province :


it takes about full day to get there by car or bus , it takes the national road 7 to get there , it is very mountainous city , and fully cover by forest and, it isvery beautiful landscape of natural tree , the city of Sen Monorom is on top of mountain , it is about 17 degree at the summer and very windy too. this province seem very isolates one from the grow areas, but it is very closed to the central Vietnam, the people who live there nearly 76.000 , and they a very poor because they are mostly hill tribes, just today there are most khmer from the southwest part went o live there and teaching them how to be clean or doing some business for living and like before they are only live with the nature with no school, hospital and trading too.

this province is very potential of tourism because , it is the only one city which is on top of mountain and it seems like the seas of forests in Cambodia,  if you interesting in trekking, and elephants ride there than this place is very good to explore.

  • To visit the water fall of Bousra : you have take car or bus to get there it I about 60 mn to be there, it is the only one waterfall within Cambodia which has 7 step from the bottom to top that has the a lot of water from the mountain , this place now is managing by the local association to those hill tribe there.

  • Exploring the local people who are selling some gemstone

  • Trekking with elephant to the water fall.

Ratanakiri Province :


 it is very interesting province too and it is almost eh same as Mondulkiri , it takes amostfull day to get there by car or bus , this province have less forest than mondulkiri and border with Vietnam and laos too, but this province has the River of Vern sai to see the coffin and , Elephant treeking, also the same as mondulkiri.

this province has the population 181.093 , also very poor too, but it has its own hydropower then the living condition is much better than Mondulkiri.

  • Boeung Yak Loun : is the only mighty place to visit that has natural created since 700.000 years ago by Volcanic eruption, it looks very clean , most travelers who went there always took the bath too.

visiting some hill tribe cemeteries by taking boat to Vern Sai, and some of their house looking very interesting, but if you go there please try to ask local guide when you are taking the picture otherwise you are fined by those people with lot of money.

Stung Treng Province :

it is the northern part of Cambodia near Lao border ,so you also can come to Cambodia through that international check point too, aVisa on arrival too, it is about 500km from phnom penh, by national road 7 crossing kompong Cham, and kratie province to get there for about 6 hours now with good road through chhlong along the Mekong river , this province people around 130.000 people by today and they are making their living though fishing in the Mekong river and , some do the commercial. it was the old city from 7 centuries of Chenla kingdom and this picture is the holy bull for Hinduism of the ancient khmer in that period. Over there this on good temple still exist , you also can go to Preah Vihear and Siem reap for onday trip through this province from Lao too.


Preah Vihea Province :


it is very interesting province that we can travel through national road 6A and 64 from kompong thom province about 6 hours to get there, it is locates nearby Thailand , people there in fear all the time before 1998, but the Khmer Rough has been demobilized that place become the commercial too with Thailand , people start making their living better , timber, commercial, and agriculture , its population about 221.000 by today.

this province get very famous temple ( Preah Vihear Temple ) which is on the top of Phnom Dorngrek which build since 10 centuries , It is also used to have the conflict with Thailand since 2008 after this temple was registered to be UNESCO by Cambodia side ,and Thailand disagree, now it is ok for both countries for living in peace. if you want to go it is very closed by taking one day trip to go there with car and connect the new pick up truck from the hill side of the mountain over there.

Kompong Chhnang Province :


it is not very far from phnom penh it takes about 2 hours to get there by car or taxi by national road 5 crossing Udong as and Kompong Lung as the most impressive ot tourism. this province now is becoming the famous place for factories and commercial too, beside the floating houses  which have been living by Vietnamese who came since 1979 after the khmer rough has been driven out of the city of phnom penh by the ruling party and Vietnamese soldier support. Today some of the villages on the Tonle Sap there are Khmers , cham, and Vietnamese those people make their living from fishing on the Lake of Tonle Sap.

Tonle Sap Lake and River :


  • it is the only one river and lake in the world that make this Cambodia country to be very well-known. it has the length 250 km river , from phnom penh to Siem reap Angkor wat . it is amazing because its reverse the flows of water. it is the natural phenomenon for the water which first, flow from Mekong river to the lake at the corner of phnom penh City and flowing back from the lake to Mekong delte to Vietnam in November. So this kind of water traffic can bring more 6 million people around the Lake and river such as kompong chhang, kompong thom, siem reap, battambang, Pusat get more benefit from it for agriculture, fishing and other crops .

in the dry season , every boat or cruise can’t move to the lake because it is very low  about 1 meter deep, but raining season it is ok about 12 meter deep in the middle of the lake.

Mekong River and Lives along the Mekong


it is the only mighty river in Southeast Asia which combine for 6 countries since China in Tibet plateau crossing Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam  it is about 4800 km by the Mekong committee sub region website , and people who living along the river it is about 60 million which make money less than 5 dollar a day, their living depending on the fishing,  trading by boat , vegetable plantation or other.

and today there are more Dam are being built on the Mekong , it is very seriously making the people there losing their benefit for life’s support. Cambodia has the Mekong river crossing the middle of the country. we can get a lot of water from it to support out people and country’s needs for agriculture mainly. In the Mekong there are more 1000 species , such as Dophine , giant Catfish, barb fish, and so on.